SteamWox’s story begins with the passion to clean up the world. We’ve been in the janitorial and cleaning industry for over 13 years, and have especially noticed how common and unsightly chewing gum remains were. They are often on our cities’ streets, walls, bus stops, and even indoors under desks and chairs. Thus, we started to develop a gum removal machine that is not only highly efficient, but great for the environment.

Now, SteamWox has created a whole range of unique machines that target more than just chewing gum removal. Using advanced and innovative technology, SteamWox machines create instant and powerful steam to deep clean all kinds of surfaces, reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Our team are persistent in perfecting SteamWox products, continuously researching and improving machines to help workers everywhere clean effortlessly.

With clients from all around the world, we strongly value the trusted relationships we have built with everyone we work with. Together, we can take care of our world so that generations to come can enjoy its beauty.